"Buckeye Nation" If you're from Ohio or have lived there through an Ohio State Football season, you know that OSU fans make up Buckeye Nation. This decal can be applied to any smooth surface. Car window, Yeti tumbler or cooler, laptop, monitor or whatever you'd like to stick it to! All Ohioans are Buckeyes at heart, whether you went to Ohio State or not, you're a Buckeye! FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS! // The Facts - Applies to all of our outdoor decals \\ • Oracal 651 Glossy Vinyl - 6 year outdoor professional grade vinyl // Other Ohio State and Ohio Decals \\ • All Ohio Decals --> https://etsy.me/2JbJPue // Recommended Sizes // • Yeti Cup 20oz - 3" thru 4" (height) • Yeti Cup 30oz - 3" (height) • Car Window - 4" or larger (height) // Place It Anywhere (smooth surface only) // • Outdoor location ideas: Cooler, Car, House or Cabin Window, Kayak, Mailbox or wherever you'd like to put it! • Personal Item Ideas: Yeti/Ozark/Rtic Cup or Tumbler, Macbook Laptop, Mug or even on your cell phone case! **If applying to drinkware, handwashing is recommended. // Sizing Instructions // When ordering, you are choosing the height of the decal. Should you need to know the exact measurement, please feel free to reach out to us for any clarification. Please remember to double check sizing before placing your order. // Quality Guaranteed // All of our decals are made with Oracal 651 outdoor vinyl with a lifetime of 6 years. // Removable - Not Reusable // Decals are meant to be applied to smooth, clean & dry surfaces. Directions for application will be sent to you with your order. We are not responsible for decals not applied correctly (crooked, upside down, get stuck together during application, etc.)