This page has everything you've ever wanted to know about elastic: a video and written guide to the different types, the tools used, beginner sewing projects using elastic, and even recommended reading.

When it comes to sewing with stretch, how do you choose the correct Types of Elastic? Learn all about the various types of elastic for sewing and how they can be used in different projects that you may want to create. Don't be stuck staring at a wall of elastic for hours trying to figure out which one is the right one! Simply watch this how-to video and our tip tutorial and learn everything you need to know about sewing with elastic.

Besides showing you several types of elastic, Angel Peterson will also walk you through some basic tools and principles you need to know when working with them. Elastic is very common, especially in children's and casual wear. If you sew, you need to know how to use this material! It's an easy way to finish off a cuff or waistline. If you know the basics of sewing with elastic, it's really easy to work with.

If you're new to sewing, chances are you've probably heard of elastic and know that it's often used for waistbands and similar stretchy projects, but you may not know how to use elastic. From defining what sewing elastic is to explaining the different types of elastic that sewists use, our guide on Different Types of Elastic and How to Sew with Elastic is perfect for beginner sewists.

We've covered all of the different types of elastic in our crash course on sewing so that you can make a comfortable waistband or add shirring with confidence. And if you aren't sure how to add elastic to a project, then don't worry, because we've included a list of tools that make inserting elastic into a sewing project a total breeze.

Want to put your skills to the test? If you're looking for easy sewing projects that let you show off your elastic skills, then don't miss our list of beginner sewing projects included at the end of our article. Design comfortable and stretchy clothing for yourself and your family by following our guide for sewing elastic to fabric and other tips for working with this material.

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Table of Contents
What is Elastic?
Types of Elastic Guide Video
Common Types of Elastic Used in Sewing
Specialty Elastics
Sewing Tools for Using Elastic
Beginner Sewing Projects Using Elastic
Recommended Further Reading