Check if this style is READY TO SHIP in your size. Size 3 to 3.75:§ion_id=15839761 Size 4 to 4.75:§ion_id=16109045 Size 5 to 5.75:§ion_id=15841488 Size 6 to 6.75:§ion_id=23320520 Size 7 to 7.75:§ion_id=15839757 Size 8 to 8.75:§ion_id=15839763 Size 9 to 9.75:§ion_id=19178882 The above sterling silver engagement ring has sold, this is for a newly made similar ring with the same style band and similar stone shape. Each ring is new and made to order, current production time is two weeks from order date. Stone: California; Lake County Diamond Band: Sterling Silver, Also available in 14k yellow gold Ring Size: 6.5 Available in sizes 4 to 8 * *Production time is two weeks Stone measures: 5x6mm to 6x6mm California - Lake County Diamonds are quartz Science has its own explanation for these wonders of nature. Lake County has been the scene of incredible volcanic activity throughout its ancient past. Mount Konocti, the area's defining landmark, is a dormant volcano where past lava flows of magma and basalt were contained under enormous pressure with temperatures of not less than 1,112 Fahrenheit. Heat and pressure resulted in the formation of beta silicon dioxide crystals - Lake County Diamonds - of unsurpassed clarity and the finest optical quality. Lake County Diamonds are mostly clear and very hard, ranking from 7.5 to 8 (and possibly as high as 9) on the Mohs Scale, and like all diamonds, they can cut glass. They have been used commercially and industrially, but are in greatest demand as semi-precious gems. Lake County Diamonds may be set uncut for a rough natural look, or faced to set off their inner fire which compares in brilliance to African carbon diamonds. .