Super brillant Suncatcher Paisley-esque cristal de Swarovski

NEW!!! DIY Suncatcher Kits for Beginners!!! �Find them here� COVID-19 UPDATE: I hope you’re all safe and healthy during this time. ️ We are still shipping orders! I finish and ship orders in about 1-2 days. There may be delays in transit based on USPS staffing; if you are overseas, please check for delays with local post, or for complete shutdowns. It’s a crazy time and I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting small (actually, micro) businesses; you are keeping art (and the economy, frankly) alive! Thank you!!!!! � ️ Note: I highly recommend U.S. buyers purchasing "Signature Confirmation" (an extra $2.55) to ensure safe delivery, because these Suncatchers are not only expensive items for you but extremely labor-intensive for me, and thus not as simple or easy to replace a lost package. Liability responsibility for the goods transfers from the seller to the buyer once it has been received by the mail carrier. For international orders, Shipsurance (provided by Etsy) will automatically be included. Read terms here: ️ This swirly tear drop Suncatcher is eye-catching, simple, yet flowy, and chock full of glittering crystals! It is reminiscent of Paisley designs that I would always see on my mother's clothing (she really loves Paisley anything!), hence the name "Paisley-esque." I feel drawn to color gradients, so I picked one of my favorite color palettes (Aqua-teals, oranges and pinks). It's no easy feat to have not only the right colored beads to create a color gradient, but to also have the right size so that they graduate in size. After all the fussing, it is so worth it! Every single aspect of this Paisley-esque design was sketched on paper, designed, hand-formed from different gauges of solid Copper wire, hammered and wrapped together by me. Featuring glowing green Prehnite and glittering crystal and Swarovski crystals sprinkled throughout. Natural oxidation may occur, which just adds a lovely antiqued patina to the piece. Entire length: approx. 12 inches by 4-5 inches wide. May vary slightly because this is a handmade item. It's exceptionally difficult to photograph these in sunlight, but BOY are they absolutely LOADED with sparkly, glittering bits of beauty. I promise you will love it so much hanging in your window or on your patio with the sun shining on it. So incredibly sparkly. If you hang it indoors, direct sunlight causes tiny little rainbow flecks to shoot all across the walls in the room. � Fantastic as gifts or just as a treat for yourself to brighten your day every time you glance at it sparkling in the sun. ️ I work tirelessly and put so much meticulous care and attention into my Suncatchers, and it warms my heart to over the years have customers who cherish and love the pieces they've taken home. I would love to answer any questions you may have about the design or creation process. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions! ^_^