Dieser Rahmen ist ein tolles Geschenk für alle, die ihrer Hebamme / der Tagesmutter oder Kindergärtnerin Danke sagen möchten. Er ist an- und ausgeschaltet ein echter Hingucker. Der Rahmen ist mit einer batteriebetriebenen LED Lichterkette und einer tollen Effektfolie ausgestattet. Extra flaches

This frame is a great gift for anyone who wants to say "thank you" to their midwife or kindergarten teacher. He's on and off a real eye-catcher. The frame is equipped with a battery-powered LED light chain and a great effect film. Extra flat battery compartment, powered by 2 x CR 2032 battery. The switch tray compartment is located outside the frame and therefore easily accessible. I would like to point out that material can cause the effect film to have streaks. Unfortunately, I cannot influence this. But it is usually only up close and when the light is on, it is hardly noticeable. If you want, visit me on Facebook too, there you will find many great design examples for individually designed picture frames. I also like to craft your wish frame < 3 www.facebook.com/handmadebyjotpe As a small business owner within the meaning of Section 19 (1) of the UStG, no VAT is charged.